Host table

Hôtel Andilana Belvédère - Nosy BeA space open to the caressing wind and the noises of the night
A place to partake in some delicious metis treats
The sea is generous, the land fertile and enticing
In order to savour new scents, as some many journeys
With a daily changing outline,
Combining the spices of the Indian Ocean,
The refined flavour of the Far East,
And the various tastes of Europe.
At the end of the dinner a sweet to delight your lips
and a sip of good rum to awake them!

The restaurant on the terrace offers our guests the possibility of dining on site.
Evening menu (starter, main course, dessert) at 65.000 MGA (excluding drinks except digestive offered).
Reservation in the morning at the reception.
Everyday except sunday.