Hôtel Andilana Belvédère - Nosy BeOur team will look after your well being and comfort,
You will be warmly and discretly welcome,
And invited to share the beauty of the place.
Seven elegantly simple rooms coloured in white and turquoise.
You will relax all day long the long « varangue ».
An elegant terrace overlooking the sea ;
palm roof, wooden furnitures in an all green environment
Majestic sunshines and vanilla scented evenings.
The sea is a few feet away,
The sound of the waves soothes the night.

6 ventilated rooms with private bathrooms in Double, Twin or Single formula at 280,000 MGA, continental breakfast included
Two of these six rooms can be converted into a Triple formula at 320,000 MGA, continental breakfast included
1 family room from 4 occupants at 400,000 MGA (i.e. 100,000 MGA/person) can go up to 8 occupants at 800,000 MGA

10% discount after 7 nights

The prices indicated do not include local taxes which amount to 4,000 MGA per night and per room. These prices are based on an average exchange rate of 4,000 MGA for one euro.